Power Clean-Remove Duplicate Photos & Scan Network App Reviews

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Works well!!!

App seems to really well. I must say this app is one of the better ones out there. Keep up the good work! Aside from that, I only have one issue. Time remaining for trickle charging during fast charging doesn’t count down properly with the screen turned off.

Easy to use

Very simple and easy to use:)

Really bad don’t download

That’s horrible It delete a lot of videos I had 😭😭😭😭

Me gusta

Es muy buena

Good app

Works well. Not a bother.

Great app

Does excellent job!

Love app actually work


This is a fantastic app

Great app




Good application

Virus Cleanser

Cleaned my virus off phone quickly

One of over One Hundred Protection Apps.

That's one!...of over One Hundred Reasons I say it's number #1....thanks for your Protection POWER CLEAN

Quite useful

It's not accurate but it's better than many others who claim to do the same


Perfect for photographers love this app

Mr Labiah

Great app to clean junks in your iphone.


Good app for cleaning

Like it for smoothness

I saw in on facebook and downloaded it .. its effective and smooth

Works great!

Was able to speed my phone up bc of this app. It was really dragging beforehand just like a computer.

like it.

Seems to help

Very reliable

I've been using Power Clean for years now and I've never had a problem. I believe that it actually lengthened the life of my last tablet.


Enough said.




So far it's awesome


Очень даже не плохое приложение)))

Fácil !!!

Buena aplicación, efectiva y muy fácil de utilizar.


Works as expected


It is the best app that i used for fasting my phone and recover useless memory

Very nice

Very nice app


Its amazing


Thanks for this app ita amazing😍😍

Great app

I have always used this app it's helps my phone run smooth, I recommend it to everyone

Pretty great

I love it. Recommend 100%

Love it

It's very useful


It's looks like a good app But we need to know if it's so technically

Awesome app

Perfect app for keeping your system clean and running at its optimum! Kudos!

Great app!

This app is great. It cleaned my iPhone from cash and junk files. I noticed a speed difference immediately. The app take no time to clean your iPhone.


I like it

Get back to greatness

It was great app before with the duplicate photo cleaner. Please. Bring. That. Back! Thanks!


It's really good pls get it it will help you out alot


Help me to mantain my phone free


This app helps you free up space you could use for other things, it can even sift through pictures and delete blurry one


This has cleaned out 1.1 GB of storage it is awesome

Power Clean

Awesome. Works well


Good so far

Awesome App!

Love the App. Works well 👍🏻



Great app

So easy. It reminds you daily. Takes seconds.

well cleaned

Great Product!

No complaints

Seems to clean out a lot of junk. I like the alerts telling you how much it can clean for you.


Awesome app really works

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